UTK “Tupac Medley” lyric sheet

UTK Verse One:
Since da beginning I had da vision from listening/ mentally u was a visionary/
All da conspiracy theories and subliminal messages in ya lessons/ confessions I could connect wit/ da path of intellect/ wit a splash of hid aggression/ Now I Spazz when get arrested/ and laugh when given sentence/ Im passed an intervention/
A wrath I will admit when da staff dat could exist is really Trump or a Clinton/
Im sitting back thinking bout how u mentioned it/
Many was missing a representative til u entered it/
Repping what we was living in/
Ya penmanship they couldn’t censor it/
Sparked my interest eventually/
Instantly I demonstrated empathy/
U was kin to me/ a friend to me/understanding me/ when u said I ain’t mad at cha/ yo it felt like u was mad at me/
It sad to see/ a tragedy/ to that degree/
Happen/ but dat got me rapping/ and then the outcome is the energy/

UTK Verse Two:
Wit all eyez on me I guess it’s time to inspire/ Cuz inside of my mind my Ambitionz Az A Ridah make me more than just a rhymer/
Can’t afford a fortune/ what’s important is da forward motion/
U should know its All Bout U fixing what is broken/
Young and hoping I can manage to organically handle da Skandalouz/ So
Mentally damaged residents reppin Los Angeles/ Yo/
Love to say I made it/ Prayed until I Got My Mind Made Up/
Safe to say/ amazing can describe when ya eyes wake up/
Stating what I’m saying/ laced wit underlying statements/ of da greatest of my generation/
Dis demonstration is wild and it’s wired/ How Do You Want It/ how does is feel/ loud and it’s clear/
Style/ even weird al couldn’t mirror/
Alchemy how it sound so superior/
Erie or inferior/ u feelin froggy I hear u ribbit like amphibians/ living within da hemisphere/
Proud know dat Imma flaunt it/ never been known as/
2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted/
Im being honest/ I’m so normal/
I’m so plain so I feel No More Pain/
No Novocain/ no gain if i spark no flame/
In da Heartz Of Men/
Life Goes On but it starts again/
Top 10/ or drop pens/ da spots thin/
My option/ is opt in/ da spoon does not bend how I can/
Only God Can Judge Me/
Tradin War Stories of how life get ugly/
California Love me/ now my life is lovely/
I Ain’t Mad At Cha bro my wife is lovely/ What’z Ya Phone #/ try listening to 2 all eyes on me/
I just summarized it/ devised so u press rewind on it/


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