Written October 18, 2010 at 8:33am by UTK

I truly believe that I am the controller of my happiness and my joy!

I believe the energy inside me has unlimited power!
I have an unbreakable bond with the universe!
Everything I want/ask for I shall receive!

These are thoughts that constantly flow through my mind. With this way of thinking, all my set goals will be achieved! If not directly given to me, the right path will placed before me! I just have to keep my eyes open and recognize the signs!

When I wrote this I was training myself to be “self-motivated”. For my whole life I relied on the energy of others for motivation as if alone I had no control over my own success. When I wanted to make something happen the first thing I’d do was make attempts to excite others about my ideas in hopes that they’ll hop on the team. Sounds great until you realize that most people won’t have the same dream as you because everyone’s bed is made different. Just because you have a great plan or idea doesn’t mean people will automatically fall in line. Of course, this affected my energy in more ways than one. I would lose confidence in my ideas due to a lack of interest from others. I often found myself questioning my thought process. I became really confused on how to “successfully” do things I was known to be good at. I was really losing a grip on what was what in my life and my self esteem reached an all time low. I was younger and less knowledgeable so from that, I assumed what any person in my shoes would assume…..”Everyone’s a hater! Nobody understands! Nobody wants to help! Nobody cares! Etc! Etc!” And to be honest…….I felt this way to the core of my soul!!! It REALLY put me in my feelings and the WORST PART is that a lot of my “great ideas” never reached their full potential.

😦 I created so much negative energy…..

I literally almost reached a state of depression. It was like I wanted to be successful but felt I couldn’t unless some miracle happened…..Well, that didn’t happen….And without going into too many details, lets just say I was down to pretty much nothing. I was at that low point in life and all I wanted to do was give up……and yeah I considered it……….

….but of course, I didn’t give up!!

But what did I do once I hit that low point?….When it felt like all the odds were against me and the doors were closed?…..I cried. No sugar coat about it…..I was alone…in a room…crying my eyes out.

Then, I looked up at myself in the mirror….I looked deeply into my own eyes. What did I see? A man! Standing there on his own two feet. A man who through it all was still alive and still able to get up and keep going.  At that point, I was no longer crying. In fact, I felt strong! I felt powerful! I felt encouraged! I realized that my lifes output is based upon my own input!!!

I am in control of my destiny!

All my life I waited for “help” that I felt was never there! In reality, all the help I needed was looking at me in the mirror. I learned to focus on the things that need to be done FIRST then motivate MYSELF to put the work in. I was actually surprised at the number of people who willingly offered their help once things were realistic and not just ideas. That was even more encouragement!!! From that, I grew to realize the only thing that could EVER stop me from being successful was ME! The only unattainable goals are the ones you do not attempt to conquer. I learned that a man’s best weapon is his own mind. But it could also be his worst enemy…….

Don’t let a lack of help, motivation, encouragement, etc stop you from being a success! It all comes from within! Everything starts belief and how could you not have faith in yourself?…..


I don’t know what you are doing in your life but I hope it’s whatever you love! Chase your dreams until you’re living them.  The journey won’t be easy but there WILL be some amazing experiences along the way. I believe in you and hope this message encourages you to go out there and make life happen!

Let your inner energy flow positively! Good luck on your journey.

If you’d like to hear the most recent accomplishment of my journey, CLICK HERE to listen to my most recent album, “Feels Great To Be Dope”

Thank you for your support and encouragement.

Much love


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